Support the Resolution to Protect MANCHESTER Youth from ​the Marijuana Industry

Did you know?

  • The marijuana industry can harm our town.
  • Short-term gain in taxing marijuana can lead to long-term losses.
  • Marijuana use — even for medical reasons — is illegal under federal law under the Controlled Substances Act.
  • Access to marijuana and exposure to marijuana advertising are linked to increased marijuana use in youth.
  • Areas with legal marijuana have seen increases in ER visits for kids who accidentally eat THC-infused baked goods or candies.
  • Local governments are not required to allow medicinal marijuana facilities in our town.
  • Businesses are not required to allow medicinal marijuana companies to advertise their products in our town.


​For details, sources, and to learn more, go to and read SRSLY’s Resolution to Protect Our Communities


​You can help! Support the SRSLY Resolution to Protect Our Community.
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