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Safe At Home Prescription Disposal

Proper drug disposal is a preventative, proactive approach to reducing prescription misuse and abuse. By disposing of prescriptions properly it keeps our families and our environment safe.

There are several ways to safely dispose of your unused medications such as our Big Red Barrel Disposal box that is located at the lower levels of the Manchester Library and Village Offices, or other medication drop boxes in our surrounding communities, as well as DEA Take Back Events. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic accessing those in-person options were not an option.

Deterra Bags became a great option to provide proper disposal amid the pandemic. Deterra Bags will remain available during this time and in the future for those who have unused or expired medications.

What are Deterra Bags?
Deterra is a safe, simple medication disposal system that permanently deactivates pills, patches, liquids, creams, and films. These bags are made from environmentally sound, non-toxic materials and allow for safe, convenient disposal right at home.

How do Deterra Bags Work?

Tear open pouch – do not remove inner pod(s). Place unused medications inside.

Fill pouch halfway with warm water and wait 30 seconds for air to release. Some foaming may occur.

Seal pouch tightly, gently shake and dispose of normal household trash.

If you’re interested in safely and properly disposing of your unused and expired medications there are free pouches available at Acorn Market at 327 W. Main Street in Manchester Michigan (through April 2021 then the market will be in a new location)

Or please email if you would like multiple pouches.