Last year the SRSLY Manchester Coalition performed a community needs assessment. The results of the assessment showed the following risk factors for Manchester youth.


​The purpose of the Safe Homes List is to encourage families to

  • Communicate clear messages to youth about their expectations of alcohol and drug use
  • Monitor youth through high school
  • Change parent and youth perceptions that youth substance use is inevitable​

Risk factors for Manchester youth:

  • Easy access to alcohol and marijuana
  • Low perception of risk of alcohol and marijuana use
  • Parents are not communicating a clear no-use message


Manchester youth report obtaining alcohol from parents or older siblings / peers.

  • Among MHS students who reported having consumed alcohol in their life time, 38% reported their main access point for obtaining alcohol was via parent/guardians either by the adult knowingly giving it to them (23%) or youth stealing it (15%).
  • Among MHS students who reported having consumed alcohol in their life time, 64% reported having obtained alcohol from an older friend or sibling, with 40% reporting this as their primary way of obtaining alcohol.

Manchester youth report drinking alcohol in their own home and/or at a friends house. ​

  • Among the 19% of HS students who drank recently.
  • 52% usually drank alcohol at a friends house during the past 30 days.
  • 44% usually drank alcohol at home during the past 30 days.​

Manchester youth report easy access to alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco products

  • 55% of MHS and 43% of MMS students report they have easy access to alcohol.
  • 35% of MHS students reported they have easy access to marijuana.
  • 43% of MHS and 19% of MMS reported they have easy access to cigarettes.​