What is SRSLY Manchester?

SRSLY Manchester is a coalition that encourages members of our community of all ages to plan and participate in drug and alcohol free activities. In so doing, members promote personal and community health and wellness.

Additionally, SRSLY Manchester strives to change community norms and policies that enable underage drinking, illicit drug use, and over the counter medication abuse and misuse. Both students and community members are invited to participate in active or supportive roles within the coalition.

Supportive members support the overarching principles of SRSLY Manchester and receive e-mail updates and invitations to participate. Active members are directly involved in the coalition’s efforts to prevent the use of illegal substances by youth and provide direction by participating in regular meetings. The SRSLY Manchester Community Coalition meets on a quarterly basis during the school year at Manchester High School and includes youth and adult participation.

In the Middle School, youth members have weekly meetings during lunch where they focus on developing leadership skills and the planning and promotion of drug and alcohol free activities.

In the High School, SRSLY Manchester has partnered with a preexisting club Students Leading Students (SLS), which meets on a weekly basis as well. To better demonstrate the connection with SRLSY Manchester, Students Leading Students (in Manchester). Students Leading Students believes that the best approach to change self-defeating behavior into self-promoting behavior is empowering students to create an atmosphere in which they learn key skills: Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Communication Skills” (Student Leadership Services, Inc., 2014).