Why Support SRSLY Manchester?

The SRSLY Manchester Coalition is working to counteract the statistics (listed below) by strengthening the community’s protective factors. By working to increase the protective factors in the Manchester community, youth are receiving clear and consistent messages at home, at school and in the community and thus reducing ATOD use. In order to reach our goal of healthy, positive youth behavior we need to “communicate healthy beliefs and clear standards for behavior at home, at school and in the community.” (Communities that Care)

Not only does SRSLY Manchester utilize core measures collected by the Michigan Department of Education (MiPHY), we also develop and implement additional surveys to assist in identifying local context and evaluate program outcomes.


Manchester 2016
Community Needs Assessment

Manchester Results
MIPHY 2010-2016
"Michigan Profiles for Healthy Youth"

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Prevention Outcomes
"​Progress Report"

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SRSLY Manchester
Logic Model 

Positive Social Norms Campaign
Evaluation Survey Results